23 Year Old Becomes A Millionaire By Investing In Bitcoins


In 2011, Charlie Shrem purchased thousands of bitcoins and during that time, the value of these digital coins was only at $20. It has been soaring since, and today, it’s valued at $109 each. Shem, 23 years old, is now a millionaire. He and several other early bitcoin investors have decided to start their own companies and also become angel investors because every time someone new uses bitcoins, its value increases.

Shem plans to build infrastructure (lots of it) and he has also become part of BitAngels, which is essentially, an organization of angel investors aiming to help bitcoin startups grow their business. On average, they invest about $100K per business. Many of these bitcoin investors believe that by helping others, they are also growing their profits.

There are also others like Roger Ver who have become bitcoin angel investors because they are motivated by the belief that using bitcoins will eventually replace the national currency, which in turn will “make the world a better place.”

Today, the impressive growth in the value of bitcoins has attracted many mainstream investors such as the investment firms of the Winklevoss twins and Peter Thiel.  Source found at the link below:

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