Financial education goes online


Financial education for the three months and several thousand rubles? For home computer? Experts argue that the advantages of distance learning outweigh the disadvantages.

Three obvious advantages of remote financial education: accessibility, flexibility, and cost. It can be obtained from any, even the most remote part of the world, if only there was the Internet. Learn at any time, at its own pace, not adjusting to the instructor and other participants in the learning process. And much cheaper full-time because of the lack of such costs as rent and infrastructure, hourly fees for teachers, etc. In this case, the training material used in remote technology can be repeatedly extended by the exchange of information between universities, scientific community, organizations within the network, which again is not a cost. Today, therefore, it becomes, if not an alternative to regular education, at least one for those to whom it is not available.

Wide Is My Motherland

Today it is urgent to say any more about the benefits of remote financial education, and his urgent need, as the country needs to increase the level of financial literacy in droves. “Culture of financial activities in Russia is almost absent, – says Sergey Tenitilov, director of the Institute of Distance Learning RosNOU. – Examples of this are: the widespread failure of the budget; inability to professionals, particularly at the regional level, to manage financial flows; lack of adequate control over spending. In other words, if the West, many financial issues involved in financial management, we have stayed kondovy accountant that, ultimately, is reflected in the performance of the entire economy. ”

In addition, there are other problems to solve that would help distance education, for example, the lack of regional school development training financiers. Their presence is usually – a lot of large industrial cities, but such in Russia is not so much a huge territory. “Like any other specialist financier must be retrained and upgrade their qualifications, educational level – continues Tenitilov. – In the classical approach the solution of these problems will be very expensive as it is connected with the separation of people from work and travel to major cities. Remote technologies allow it to exclude, but to achieve a good result. In addition, we are able to exploit the potential of major scientific schools, leading experts without leaving their place of permanent location. ”

Issue price

Services market remote financial education developed today, and find an organization to provide it easily enough. Remote technologies offer (or at least trying to do so) many universities. There are those who are trying to make remote technology major. In addition, the market operates independently firms providing their own author’s courses – for example, Financial Education Center. “The Internet is easy to find a lot of offers in the field of distance education, – says its director Sergey Spirin. – As a rule, it is cheaper than similar programs in full-time education (unless compared to programs sponsored by the state) due to the absence of the set of costs, such as rental of premises. ”

Large variation in prices: as a rule, the larger part of the teacher and what he qualified than more control over the students, as well as the advertised brand than university or other educational institution, the higher the price. For example, a program known universities, providing a large number of hours of instruction in a virtual classroom, require additional technical support, and therefore will be, perhaps, the most expensive. However, even they will cost a student is 2-3 times cheaper than at the usual method of education. For example, the simplest course of an independent training center for managing personal finances, investments in securities will cost only a few thousand rubles and take on a period of not more than three months. The entire process of communication with the teacher limited to correspondence by e-mail, and electronic communication in closed forums and chat rooms. Less commonly used technology that gives an opportunity to communicate in on-line in the video modes like Skype or webinar.

Adult Education

It is clear that distance learning is not for everyone. Theoretically remotely possible to get any level of education, including higher education, but, according to experts, is still preferable to baseline classic classroom training. This is explained by the fact that adult learners more organized than the recent high school graduates, so program formats using the Internet-based training, easier realizable in education, if it is already added. “Modern information technologies, of course, allow you to change the transfer of knowledge, make it more flexible, complete, convenient for the student, – says Elena Divnogortseva, director of the Center for Distance Learning Technologies Institute MIRBIS. – But in the environment of e-learning specialists have a saying: “Teach using e-learning is impossible. Learn with the help of e-learning can be. ” Not all students have a level of self-organization, which is essential for learning in this format. ”

In the financiers I would go …

All experts agree that the proliferation of remote financial education will grow as meet today’s trends. Need for information, communication, self-actualization increasingly satisfies the internet. “The modern student simply does not understand why the teacher to full-time employment recounts that will simply read, – says Elena Divnogortseva. – People share information in the form of files and links, and then discuss this information internally or on internet forums. The best programs blended learning is a life style of the modern student and use. ”

Often the advantage of full-time study called “crowd”, the possibility of dating and relationships between students achievements. Many believe it is a “chip” Western programs MBA. However, proponents of distance education argue that with proper organization of the learning process brainstorm materials and easy to carry out in the form of distance and forums and chat rooms are a place of dating and relationships and institutions of useful contacts, and their geography is not limited to the region of residence.

“Cadets of our Financial Education Center has become more than a thousand people, the flow of students is quite comparable with the Faculty of middle-sized university, – says Sergey Spirin. – Although it all depends on the demand for specific programs, product quality and competent marketing activities. Now distance education, for the most part, business. What is in demand and well sold in high demand. But if one tries to just “stupid” to translate existing programs in remote form, then not all of them will be in demand. ”

According to Sergei Tenitilova only winter Institute of Distance Education RosNOU IDO had more than 1.8 thousand. People. However, in his opinion, for the institution of remote technologies should not be the only one. It must evolve with the classic, then you can provide and the attractiveness and effectiveness. Distance learning provides availability, efficiency, flexibility, innovation, classic – a fundamental, preservation and development of research capacity, availability of trained teachers.

Going online

Experts believe that in the next five – ten years in the remote version of the program will receive a distribution of not only additional, but also basic education, not only higher, but even middle school. A, respectively, and restrictions on the receipt of financial education in this way will not, you can choose any level (first, second, additional, MBA, long-term, short-term), and qualification (Specialist, Chief Financial Officer, or CFO). However, this will not happen immediately.

“In the West of the distance higher education already in use, no obstacles on the way there, – says Sergey Spirin. – However, in practice, must undergo a transition period to adapt programs to remote view that time-consuming and is likely to require up to several years. So first of all on the track will be transferred to the remote program, which already exists commercial demand. Behind them – all the rest. “

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