Five Ways To Measure Success

Many people want to know how they can measure their success within the business. You need to realize that everything starts with marketing. ROI is the key to checking your success, especially when it comes to social media. Here are a few examples on how you can measure your success each month:

Event Marketing

There should be at least 5-10 senior brand executives that engage in the activity of event marketing. This means getting out there, online or offline, and explaining to groups of people what you do in your business. In person it can be very effective. See who converts by checking the numbers.


E-mail Campaigns

Check the conversion rate of the e-mail campaigns. It should be over 4 times the gross revenue as your program cost. This means if the campaign cost $5,000 then you will need to come up with $20,000 in at least eight months.


Public Relations

Reaching out to the public through article directories and press releases can really gain exposure. For twenty five articles written about your product, you should be able to gain at least 750 new readers within the next few months.


Web Analytics

Normal web analytics will measure success by what percent it is at each year. If you see a 15% increase in visitors every year, then you are getting somewhere.


Lead Generations

How many leads have you acquired so far? Times this by two and see if the numbers match up for the product you are marketing. Are you spending more on leads and not getting 2x as much back? If so, you may need to work on your lead generation methods.

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