How Coffee Affects Employees’ Creativity


A study conducted by The Nutrition Doctor in Illinois suggested that coffee can affect our creativity. Caffeine, a substance found in coffee, has the ability to block adenosine in the human brain, which in turn, inhibits the brain’s ability to “wander.” Without the brain’s freedom to wander, it is unable to connect different ideas and put them together to create a whole new idea or an innovation.

Without a doubt, coffee is very helpful and can keep your employees “awake” especially during long and boring afternoons in the office. However, it will negatively affect their ability to come up with creative ideas during brainstorming sessions or when working on their projects.

The good thing is, there is a solution.

Based on a study conducted in the University of East London, it’s been found that serving your employees decaffeinated coffee without telling them that it’s not “real” coffee will actually give them the positive effects of drinking the real thing.

So, it’s a win-win solution. Your employees become more creative and productive (which is great for your business), and they don’t have to battle sleepiness all day long. Follow the link below for the source:


How Coffee Affects Employees’ Creativity

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