Human Resource Specialist: Categories And What They Do

human resource specialist

A human resource specialist is an individual who handles a single discipline of human resource management (HRM). A few decades ago, the size of the organizations used to be small and manageable. However with globalization today companies expand through various continents. Each company office in various countries have different workforce infused with local culture hence making it impossible for a single human resource department to handle all the functions efficiently. In order to remove this problem the concept of human resource specialist has evolved. Instead of every human resource manager conducting every function, the tasks are divided between various specialists to make the process less tedious and time consuming.

There are various categories of human resource specialists. The recruitment specialist deals with the recruiting side of human resource function. The recruitment specialist is an individual who is up-to-date with the latest workforce and hiring trends of the industry. He has to keep in touch with the future predictions regarding the availability of potential candidates for further recruitment. Also it is essential for the recruitment specialist to have an understanding of maintaining the company image with respect to a potential employer. This helps the company to keep the existing workforce motivated and also to attract well-qualified candidates.

The second category of human resource specialist is the compensation and benefits specialist. These individuals analyze the current wages and also handle the payroll as well as other compensation related aspects like bonus, medical insurance, retirement plans etc. The labor relation and employee relation specialists help manage the complaints, grievances of individual employee as well as labor unions. These specialists are also responsible for maintaining an amicable relation between employer and the employee. They have a high level of strategic knowledge to handle tough situations with labor union.

The training and development specialist oversee the training processes and are indispensable to large organizations which have such a big workforce that the training process is conducted year round in batches. The training specialists have an uphill task as they have to keep redesigning their training curriculum depending on the goals of the organization at the same time keeping in mind the expectations of the employees regarding their own growth and development in the company. Training specialists also identify leadership qualities and start training individuals to step up for a bigger role in the organization as and when required.

Incidentally the term human resource specialist is also used for individuals that help in the recruitment and training of the workforce of a small business. In these cases the human resource specialist is probably working for a smaller talent management company that provide talent hiring and management solutions at cheaper rates. Since these specialists could be hired at cheaper rates therefore helps the small business in acquiring good quality workforce at affordable rates since recruiting in itself is an expensive process. Many companies opt to outsource some of their human resource functions to various human resource specialists to cut costs. Human resource specialist is proving an important asset for both small and large businesses thus the increasing trend.

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