Interactive Video: Why Your Business Needs One (Skittles Figurines)

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People have a very short attention span. So if you are trying to increase brand awareness or advertise your product or service, then you need a way to keep your target audience interested. Graphics and text help but everyone uses these things so how can you actually stand out? The answer:

Interactive Videos

If you’ve ever seen an interactive video then you know just how interesting it can be. It can keep the viewer attentive and glued to the video, eager to listen to your message. Take for example, the Skittles Figurines video ad which shows a teenage boy named Tommy sitting on a couch at this grandmother’s home. All of a sudden, a horse figurine speaks to him telling him to smash him open and he’ll turn into a huge supply of Skittles. When Tommy smashed him, he sees lots of Skittles on the floor. In that video, you can make Tommy smash any of his grandmother’s collection of figurines and each one will utter some weird comments.

As you can see, when you watch an interactive video, it’s hard to get bored. The viewer will even have fun participating in it. Just don’t make it a very long video otherwise it will defeat its purpose.

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