Paypal’s Cash for Registers Program: Who Killed The Cash Register?

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Paypal recently announced its Cash for Registers program which waives your processing fees for the year if you send in your old cash registers. And in order to create a buzz for this newly introduced program, Paypal released a spoof of cop TV shows like Law & Order. The goofy video features two detectives attempting to solve the mystery on “who killed the cash register?” and watching it will surely make you laugh. You probably didn’t think Paypal had a funny side too, huh?

The Cash for Registers program is Paypal’s attempt to stay ahead of its competitors. With the growing popularity of e-commerce, it’s not surprising to know that online payment companies are rising in number. In order to continue to be a leader in the industry, Paypal wants to be able to entice more and more people and businesses to sign up so that it will continue to stay on top of its competitors, such as Square which happens to be a very innovative online payment system. One of the ways in which the company believes they can achieve this goal is by launching the Cash for Registers program and it’s a good thing too because a lot of people have been complaining about their high processing fees.


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