Social Media and Cheesmongering

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Have you ever met an individual who is a computer science graduate but instead of writing codes went into cheesmongering? If not then Jill Erber is one example. Her cheese boutique started in 2004 and is a hit since then. She opened another cheese boutique Cheesetique in a location near to Arlington. It is indeed rare that entrepreneurs are able to shun tech world nowadays. Cheesetique received around 3000 fan following. Similarly there are several small business owners who love the way social networking is assisting them in growing their business.

Given below are some recommendations for all small business owners by Wittlinger, the social media strategist behind Colomark Media.

Enhance email marketing - cheese boutique, Cheesetique is having 14000+ subscribers. According to Wittlinger, communication with the subscribers has to be solid which means that it must include point-to-point and powerful topics. This helps in not just getting new followers but also retaining the ones that are there.

Make use of social platform as listening platform - according to him, most processes require tracking as well as using efforts in deciding what works better. Social media offers appreciation as well as criticism. So you need to look to both the issues seriously.

Utilize staffers for adding personality - you can take suggestions from your staff members and integrate them to come to a conclusion.

Just like Erber, small business owners can also purchase some Facebook advertising for raising their viewership. Engagement with Facebook would not cost you much. Visit the original article for more info:

Social Media and Cheesmongering

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