Twitter Offering Chase’s Customers Free Advertising

chasetwitterWe’ve just found that Twitter will be giving Chase’s 4 million customers who own smaller businesses about $1 million as free advertising. This was just announced last Monday and although there has been little details concerning the program, there is a lot of hype.

We expect Twitter and Chase to give more details in the following months or even during the fall. This exciting change will allow businesses learn how to use Twitter effectively. This decision has prompted Twitter to allow business owners to research and go over the best practices when it comes to Twitter. For those of you who are already with Chase, this is certainly a great treat so take advantage of it.

If you are a business looking to expand your social media, now is the time to get with Twitter and sign up. With all the money they’ve invested, they certainly are looking to expand and reach out to those who need Twitter the most. About three years ago Twitter was a platform for posting quotes, text, and retweeting but now you can even add pictures for your business. They have a photo gallery option where tweets are connected with your photos which will cause more customers to become interest in what you have to say or offer in the business. Find the original announcement by Twitter in the link below:

Twitter Offering Chase’s Customers Free Advertising

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